Widebody ScatGoKart [fivem][addon]

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BIG SHOUT OUT TO @412DonkLife on MINI Replica Car Mini Cart IDEAS!!

CHECK HIS [email protected] 412DonkLife !! MANY MORE CARTS !!!!!

ANOTHER BIG SHOUT OUT TO @TIGBEL !!! On the Unlocked widebody scat !!! Grab the Real version

HERE: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/forgiato-widebody-hellcat-charger

Alot of people , kids especially been asking for a Scat Go Kart !!!! so here Go's a Matching one !!!! To Match the Real one !!!

Only one ill be doing or posting .. just something cool and fun looking ..

Working : Breakable glass

Hands on steeringwheel

Installation is in the files

Bodykit from Edge Design


-Not all light work , its a GoKart !

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