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07. Apr 2021





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E3 Additions-IMAGE
E3 Additions

You might have already seen my LSIA entrance 1 resource, this is basically a smaller version but for entrance 3. If you have any o...

by RaoullerCoaster
Area for planespotting-IMAGE
Area for planespotting

An area for planespotters! Its equipped with telescopes to have a closer look at some planes, plants for decoration, lights so you...

by RaoullerCoaster
E1 project-IMAGE
E1 project

Its basically an extension for entrance 1 at LSIA. If you have any other LSIA resources it might not work or might only work parti...

by RaoullerCoaster
Project wut-IMAGE
Project wut

Its some weird yeehee ass tower in the middle off Los Santos. I don't know why I created this but its absolutely amazing. Its incr...

by RaoullerCoaster