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FiveM Developer and Maper Lua, JS, html, css, php 3dsmax, Codewalker, Openiv



09. Feb 2022




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More mods by Tryzen95

[FIVEM][ESX] svPeds Create Peds Standalone -IMAGE
[FIVEM][ESX] svPeds Create Peds Standalone

With svPeds you can place peds on the whole map independently of other scripts. So you can place peds for shops and other interact...

by Tryzen95
[FIVEM][ESX] svBlips Create Blips Standalone-IMAGE
[FIVEM][ESX] svBlips Create Blips Standalone

With svBlips you can set blips all over the map without having to rely on another script. You can configure the whole thing easily...

by Tryzen95
[MAP] GTA:V Remastered Map Addon [FIVEM]-IMAGE
[MAP] GTA:V Remastered Map Addon [FIVEM]

A Mini Simple GTA:V Map Addon in version 1.0.6. The Map Updatet every Month. For Updates and Infos Buy the Free Map on Tebe...

by Tryzen95